Heroin haul: Boxer Ram Singh detained, Vijender Singh to be questioned

Mar 8, 2013

Boxer Ram Singh has been detained in Fatehgarh Sahab over the Rs 130 crore heroin haul in Mohali.

Police have also arrested a man named Anup Singh Kahlon in connection with the drug bust, which they believe is linked to a massive international smuggling operation. CNN-IBN said that the man is linked to Olympic bronze medalist Vijender Singh as well as the detained boxer Ram Singh.

Punjab police are likely to question Vijender Singh in connection with the heroin haul recovered from a flat in Mohali.

Image: IBNLive

Image: IBNLive

CNN-IBN reported that boxer Vijender Singh’s wife’s car was found outside the apartment at the time of the drug bust. Police said that 10kg of heroin had been found in a car but it is not clear if the car mentioned belongs to the boxers wife.

However Vijender Singh said that nothing had been found in his car, and denied any involvement in the scandal. “All allegations against me in connection with the Heroin racket baseless. Nothing was found in my car,” he said.

“Nothing can be ruled out and we are probling the links between the accused and the boxers,” said SSP Fatehgarh Sahab Hardyal Mann Singh to the channel.

However Singh also denied any connection to Kahlon.


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