Former United striker Michael Owen joins Stoke City

Sep 5, 2012

Former Manchester United striker Michael Owen has joined Stoke City on a one-year contract, the Premier League club said on Tuesday.

Owen was a free agent after being released by United at the end of last season, and British media reported the 32-year-old had signed a pay-as-you-play deal at the Potters.

Michael Owen will hope to recapture his old form. Reuters

Michael Owen will hope to recapture his old form. Reuters

The former England international played only four times for United last season as he suffered from ongoing injury problems. In total, he scored 17 times in 52 games for the Old Trafford club after joining them in 2009.

His last appearance in the Premier League was on September 24 last year, when he came on as a substitute against Stoke in a 1-1 draw at the Britannia Stadium.


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