Don’t want political interference in my cricket, says Rasool

Feb 27, 2013

Promising Jammu and Kashmir all-rounder Parvez Rasool today expressed confidence of making it to the Indian cricket team but also made it clear in no uncertain terms that politics should not be associated with his selection.

"I have showed my performance and have definite chance to play for India. Insha Allah I will make it, nothing is impossible," Rasool wrote on social networking site Facebook.

"I don't want any politics in my game. I don't know how they bring politics into cricket," the 24-year-old said referring to a newspaper report that claimed that the Indian government is understood to be pushing for Rasool's inclusion in the national side with an eye to defuse the tense political situation in the state following the execution of Afzal Guru.


Rasool had a good outing for Board President's XI against Australia, picking up seven wickets while also contributing useful runs with the bat. PTI

This has, understandably, not gone well with the cricketer, who has been dreaming to don the India jersey for years now.

Rasool had a good outing for Board President's XI against Australia, picking up seven wickets while also contributing useful runs with the bat.

He has also been the highest run-getter as well as the wicket-taker for his home side in the recently concluded Ranji season.

Thanks to his consistency, Rasool was picked by Pune Warriors to play in the forthcoming Indian Premier League. Even as the valley basked in his success, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah rubbished the newspaper report and said Rasool should play for the Indian team only when the selectors think he merits a place.

"Parvez Rasool should play for Team India when the selectors think he deserves to be there. Don't destroy everything he's worked this way," Abdullah had written on micro-blogging site Twitter.

"It's insulting to Parvez and his entire life long effort and it's insulting to the people of Kashmir who don't need artificially created icons.

"Of all the hair brained stupid ideas to now suggest that Parvez Rasool had to be foisted on the Indian Cricket Team is deeply insulting," Abdullah had said.

Meanwhile, the cricketer thanked his supporters for the "warm welcome" he received on his arrival here.

"Thank you all for such a warm welcome at Srinagar airport. Receiving Love and recognition from fans, family and friends in Kashmir is an incredible experience :)," he wrote on Facebook.


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