Don’t look back, live strong buddy: Armstrong tells Yuvraj

Apr 6, 2012

New Delhi: Recuperating after undergoing three cycles of chemotherapy for a malignant tumour between his lungs, Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh received an inspiring video message from his "real life hero" Lance Armstrong — the cycling legend whose own successful battle with cancer is well-documented.

Image from Yuvraj Singh's twitter account.

"Very special and inspiring message from my real life hero," tweeted Yuvraj along with a link to the message from the cyclist who won the Tour de France a record seven consecutive times after having survived testicular cancer.

In the 19-second video, Armstrong urged Yuvraj to keep moving forward optimistically.

"Hi Yuvi, I am Lance Armstrong and welcome home. Man you have got one big following, I have heard about you every hour of every day since you have been diagnosed. We are pulling for you, so glad you are healthy now. Have a great life, don't look back, live strong buddy," said the 40-year-old American.

Armstrong was 25 when he was diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer, which spread to his lungs, abdomen and brain.

Armstrong had an orchiectomy to remove his diseased testicle and was given less than a 40 percent survival chance by his doctors. But he battled out of it successfully to not just survive but also renew his career as a cyclist.

The 30-year-old Yuvraj, who will return to the country on Monday, was discharged on 18 March from a hospital in the United States.

Thousands of well-wishers have sent messages to the cricketer, who is known for his aggressive batting and disciplined spin bowling.

Yuvraj, has scored 8,051 runs in 274 One-Dayers and 1,775 runs in 37 Tests since making his international debut in 2000.


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