Dhawan is 10th Indian to score ton in Test debut innings

by Mar 16, 2013

Shikhar Dhawan became the 10th Indian batsman to score a century in his Test debut innings after his knock of 185 (not out) against Australia at Mohali today.

He reached the 100-run mark in just 85 balls — which is the fastest century on Test debut in cricket history.

Dhawan tore apart the Australian bowling attack, hitting 33 fours and two sixes and Team India will hope that he continues his form into day four. The hosts are currently 2-0 up in the four-Test series.

Despite most of his runs coming from boundaries, Dhawan brought up his century with a quick single, diving to finish the run.


Dhawan reached the 100-run mark in just 85 balls — which is the fastest century on Test debut in cricket history. PTI

Lala Amarnath, Abbas Ali Baig and Gundappa Viswanath had also scored tons on debut. But the difference was that theirs came in the second innings of the Test.

Dhawan has played five ODIs for India, scoring 69 runs at an average of 13.80.

Here's the list of Indian centurions in their debut innings:

Batsman                   Runs      VS         Venue               Season

Shikhar Dhawan     185*     Aus       Mohali                2013

SC Ganguly               131        Eng        Lord's                 1996

S Amarnath             124        NZ       Auckland           1975-76

SK Raina                   120        SL      Colombo SSC        2010

DH Shodhan            110        Pak      Kolkata               1952-53

M Azharuddin        110       Eng       Kolkata               1984-85

Hanumant Singh   105       Eng       Delhi                    1963-64

V Sehwag                 105       SA       Bloemfontein     2001-02

PK Amre                  103       SA          Durban               1992-93

AG Kripal Singh    100*    NZ        Hyderabad         1955-56

Shikhar Dhawan is still not out and will come out and play tomorrow.

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