Cairn India to sponsor Indian hockey for three years

by Feb 15, 2013

In another sign of hockey’s revival in India, Cairn India, an oil and gas exploration company that is part of the Vedanta Group, has signed a three-year deal to co-sponsor India’s hockey teams. The deal will cover the men’s and women’s national teams, senior as well as junior, and is worth several crore per annum, according to a statement from Hockey India.

The senior national teams, which are also sponsored by the Sahara Group, will be seen with the new Cairn logo at the Hero Hockey World League Round 2 tournaments to be held at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, New Delhi from 18th to 24 February 2013.



The statement also said that Cairn is planning “several initiatives to encourage the sport amongst the new generation”.

“We welcome Cairn for joining Hockey India and being part of the journey to revive hockey in the countr,” Dr Narinder Batra, Secretary General Hockey India, said. This association will further boost the game and help the sport reach new levels. Hockey India thanks Cairn India for coming on board to become our partner in this exciting journey.”

Meanwhile Dr Sunil Bharati, Head Corporate Affairs & Communications for Cairn India said that the company is proud to be associated with the game of hockey. “The partnership and the journey ahead will indeed be a privileged one for the entire Cairn family. It is the first big step for us towards nurturing and growing this sport, both on a national stage as well as the international arena. Cairn India’s decision to associate with Hockey also aims at fuelling the resurgent interest in the national sports amongst youngsters.”

The Cairn deal comes right after the completion of the inaugural Hockey India League, a franchise-based tournament that is widely expected to raise the profile of the sport in the country. The league was won by the Ranchi Rhinos.

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