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Australia vs India 5th ODI, as it happened: Pandey ton helps India edge Australia in thriller

Jan 23, 2016

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The live blog widget is up and you can view the live updates of the India innings above.

Australia post 330/7

Marsh century propels Australia to 330/7. Bumrah the most impressive bowler for India with 10-0-40-2. India started off well picking up three wickets for 78 runs but then Warner steadied the ship with a century and then Marsh took over at a crucial juncture and scored his maiden ODI ton to propel Australia to a competitive total. Warner played an un-Warner like innings and wasn't at his fluent best but Marsh made sure the scoring never went down and brought up a brilliant century. For India, Bumrah showed the way for the experienced India bowlers as he bowled really well at the start and the death. He finished with 9-0-40-2. India would be desperate to end on a winning note.

CENTURY! Marsh gets to his maiden ODI ton off 81 balls. Brilliant innings. After 49 overs, Australia 326/7 (M Marsh 99, Hastings 2) A brilliant over from Bumrah. Marsh still stuck on 99. Just 3 runs off it. Bumrah finishes with 10-0-40-2. OUT! Faulkner departs. JP Faulkner b Bumrah 1 (3b 0x4 0x6) It's very full on off, Faulkner swnigs across the line and misses. Finds his stumps shattered.

OUT! Some relief for Umesh! MS Wade c †Dhoni b Yadav 36 (27b 2x4 1x6)

Wade had hammered Umesh for a six previous ball, this time Umesh uses his brains and bowls it a touch wide outside off, Wade goes for a slash but gets an outside edge to the keeper.

James Faulkner is the new batsman.

After 47 overs, Australia 313/5 (M Marsh 95, Wade 30)

Another good over for Australia. Wade pulls one over square leg for three. Marsh then clobbers one through mid off for four. He again smashes one straight back but it hits Ishan't leg and ricochets to long on. 11 runs off the over.

After 46 overs, Australia 302/5 (M Marsh 88, Wade 26)

300 up for Australia. Marsh is going great guns. He smashes one through covers for a boundary. Five singles and a couple makes it 10 runs off the over.

After 45 overs, Australia 292/5 (M Marsh 82, Wade 22) One bad ball from Bumrah and it gets punished. He bowls it short and Marsh hammers it over deep square leg. He hits back well with a couple of yorkers. 10 runs off the over. Bumrah continues.... After 44 overs, Australia 282/5 (M Marsh 74, Wade 21) Wade upping the ante now. He heaves one over mid-wicket for a four and then scoops one over short fine leg for three. A couple off the last ball makes it 12 runs from the over.

After 43 overs, Australia 270/5 (M Marsh 72, Wade 11)

A good over from Jadeja under current circumstances. Wade and Marsh didn't connect slog sweeps off the middle. 6 runs off the over.

After 42 overs, Australia 264/5 (M Marsh 70, Wade 7)

Rishi Dhawan was unlucky in that over even though he did't get his lines right. He bowls one wide, Wade cases but gets an outside edge to third man for a streaky four. 8 runs off the over.

Dhawan back on....

After 41 overs, Australia 256/5 (M Marsh 68, Wade 2)

Marsh is playing cleverly. He is getting an odd boundary every over. This time he pounces on a tad short delivery outside off and cuts it through point for a boundary. 7 runs off the over.

After 40 overs, Australia 249/5 (M Marsh 63, Wade 1)

Another poor and costly over from Umesh. Marsh cracks one through mid off for a boundary, he then hammers a short one through square leg for the second four of the over. 14 runs off the over.

After 39 overs, Australia 235/5 (M Marsh 50, Wade 0)

A successful over for India. Ishant gave away just six runs and picked up the wicket of Warner in it.

OUT! Warner departs. The slower one does the trick. DA Warner c Jadeja b I Sharma 122 (113b 9x4 3x6)

Slower length delivery outside off, Warner goes for a wild swing but ends up getting an outside edge to short third man where Jadeja makes no mistake. A strange innings from Warner, not his usual fluent one. 122 off 113 balls.

Matthew Wade is the new batsman.

After 38 overs, Australia 229/4 (Warner 117, M Marsh 50)

The bats flown, Warner's down on the ground. Bumrah making things happen right from the start. Warner looks to heave a low full toss but it's too quick for him, he loses his bat which flows over the stumps and loses his balance and is down on the ground. He calls for a bat change. Another good over from Bumrah. 5 runs off it.

FIFTY! Marsh brings up 6th ODI half-century. Four 4s & a 6 in his inns so far. After 37 overs, Australia 225/4 (Warner 114, M Marsh 49) Warner slowly upping the ante. He crashes one through extra cover for a four and then clobbers one straight back over Ishant's head for a six. 14 runs off the over. Ishant Sharma into the attack now. After 36 overs, Australia 211/4 (Warner 101, M Marsh 48) Warner gets to his ton with a risky couple to fine leg. Five runs off the Bumrah over. Warner might look to explode now. 30/0 in the last 5 overs. CENTURY! Warner gets to his 5th ODI ton, off 100 balls. His 1st against India. Seven fours and two sixes in his innings so far. After 34 overs, Australia 200/4 (Warner 96, M Marsh 42) A good comeback over. Just two runs off it. Bumrah has bowled really well today and the batsmen have found it difficult to get the pull shot away off him. Bumrah back on....

After 33 overs, Australia 198/4 (Warner 95, M Marsh 41)

Another tight over from Jadeja. 1 run off it.

After 32 overs, Australia 197/4 (Warner 94, M Marsh 41)

Extremely poor bowling from Umesh. Not bowling to the field. Warner pulls one over mid-wicket for three. Marsh then pulls one over long leg for a six and then cuts a wide one through point for four. 16 runs off the over.

After 31 overs, Australia 181/4 (Warner 90, M Marsh 29)

It's been too easy for Australia right now. Easy singles and twos. 5 runs off the over.

After 30 overs, Australia 176/4 (Warner 89, M Marsh 25)

The frustration of watching Umesh Yadav, I tell you..... He bowls a beauty first up and draws an outside edge off Warner which flies through the vacant slip cordon for a boundary. He then overpitches one to Marsh who drives it through extra cover for four and then bowls the next one short and wide which it cut away through point for another one. 14 runs off the over.

After 29 overs, Australia 162/4 (Warner 84, M Marsh 16)

Just 3 runs off the Jadeja over. A good partnership developing between Warner and Marsh. 45 from 7.4 overs so far.

After 28 overs, Australia 159/4 (Warner 82, M Marsh 15)

Rishi Dhawan missing his lines and lengths in that over. He drifts a slower delivery very wide outside off and Warner cuts it behind point for a boundary. Another delivery in the same area is cut to deep point for a couple. Three more singles make it 9 runs from the over.

After 27 overs, Australia 150/4 (Warner 74, M Marsh 14)

Jadeja doing what he does best. Bowl stump to stump and keep it tight. 4 singles off the over.

After 26 overs, Australia 146/4 (Warner 72, M Marsh 12)

Dhawan missed his lines off the first ball and drifted it down the leg side which cost three wides. But he recuperated well to concede just three singles off the next six balls.

Rishi Dhawan back on.....

After 25 overs, Australia 140/4 (Warner 71, M Marsh 10)

Gurkeerat has struggled in the field. He misfields one and allows a couple. 6 runs off the Jadeja over.

After 24 overs, Australia 134/4 (Warner 67, M Marsh 8)

Surprisingly, Australia looking to attack despite regular fall of wickets. Marsh slog sweeps one through square leg for a boundary and then Warner hammers one over deep mid-wicket for a huge six. 14 runs off the over.

After 23 overs, Australia 120/4 (Warner 59, M Marsh 2)

Another tight over from Jadeja. He's getting some turn. Marsh goes for a slog sweep first ball but misses. Just a single off the last ball. One run off the over.

After 22 overs, Australia 119/4 (Warner 59, M Marsh 1)

A successful over for India. Three runs and the wicket of Shaun Marsh from it.

OUT! Run out! Shaun Marsh is a bit unlucky! SE Marsh run out 7 (14b 0x4 0x6) Warner punches one to deep cover, they scamper through for a single and decide to come back for a second. Marsh is struggling, Umesh throws it to Gurkeerat who fails to collect it but it ricochets off his leg onto the stumps. Marsh is caught well short. Mitchell Marsh is the new batsman. After 21 overs, Australia 116/3 (Warner 57, S Marsh 7) Warner takes on Jadeja straightaway but it could have been risky as he heaves one just over the head of the mid-wicket fielder for a four. Jadeja hits back to bowl five dot balls. After 20 overs, Australia 109/3 (Warner 50, S Marsh 7) A decent over from Ishant. He however, got away cheaply as he bowled a no ball and then responded with a very good yorker off the Free Hit delivery. Warner got his fifty in that over. Four runs off it. FIFTY for Warner! A run-a-ball 50 from him, four 4s and a 6 in his inns so far. After 19 overs, Australia 105/3 (Warner 48, S Marsh 6) Warner releases some pressure in that over. He cuts one powerfully to deep point where Dhawan does well to save a couple of runs. Warner then hammers the next one over deep extra cover for a six. Three more singles make it 12 runs from the over.

After 18 overs, Australia 93/3 (Warner 38, S Marsh 5)

Ishant Sharma is brought back and he bowls a decent comeback over. Just 3 runs off it.

After 17 overs, Australia 90/3 (Warner 37, S Marsh 3)

Another decent over from Dhawan. 5 runs off it. You can sense the Warner might explode any time soon. The Indian bowlers have done well to keep him quiet so far.

After 16 overs, Australia 85/3 (Warner 33, S Marsh 2)

Dhoni was unlucky in that over. As the first one kept low and whizzed through his legs for four byes. Bumrah finishes the over well with just three singles from the next five balls. 7 runs off the over.

After 15 overs, Australia 78/3 (Warner 32, S Marsh 0)

Warner had started the over well by releasing some pressure with a thumping boundary over mid off but then Dhawan managed to scalp the wicket of Bailey off the penultimate ball of the over. 5 runs and a wicket off it.

OUT! Rishi Dhawan strikes. This is good stuff from India. Bailey departs. GJ Bailey c I Sharma b R Dhawan 6 (14b 0x4 0x6)

Dhawan getting the reward for his accuracy. It's a good length delivery on off, Bailey stays rooted to his crease and looks to turn it to the leg side but is early into the shot and gets a leading edge to mid on for a simple catch to Ishant.

Shaun Marsh is the new batsman.

After 14 overs, Australia 73/2 (Warner 27, Bailey 6)

Bumrah is bowling at decent pace and getting it to move off the seam. He cts Bailey into half off the first ball with a big incutter. Bailey then goes for a pull but is beaten by the pace. India's lethargy is again on display as Bailey tucks one to long leg and they scamper through for a couple with Ishant reaching to the ball after ages. 4 runs off the over.

After 13 overs, Australia 69/2 (Warner 27, Bailey 3)

Rishi Dhawan, meanwhile, is keeping one end tight with good lines. 4 runs off the over.

After 12 overs, Australia 64/2 (Warner 26, Bailey 0) A successful over from Bumrah. One run and a wicket off it. It's been an impressive start from Bumrah. OUT! Maiden wicket for Bumrah and it's the big one - that of Smith! SPD Smith c RG Sharma b Bumrah 28 (47m 37b 3x4 0x6) It's short outside off, Smith stays in his crease and looks to pull but it gets big on him and he is hurried up. He ends up mistiming it straight to mid-wicket. A big moment in the youngsters' career. George Bailey is the new batsman. After 11 overs, Australia 63/1 (Warner 25, Smith 28) A good disciplined over from Dhawan, just two runs off it. Rishi Dhawan into the attack now. After 10 overs, Australia 61/1 (Warner 24, Smith 27) Bumrah fluffed his lengths in that over. Smith pulled a short delivery over mid-wicket for three and then Warner pulled a slower short delivery over square leg for a boundary. 8 runs off the over. The 50-stand comes up. India need to make sure they don't give away easy runs. At the moment, there are a lot of them. Bumrah continues.... After 9 overs, Australia 53/1 (Warner 20, Smith 24) The change of ends isn't working for Umesh either. Smith hammers an overpitched delivery through mid on for a boundary. He then flicks one nonchalantly over mid-wicket for another four and in between he takes a couple behind square leg. 11 runs off the over. Change of ends for Umesh Yadav. After 8 overs, Australia 42/1 (Warner 19, Smith 14) An impressive first over from Bumrah. A couple of plays and misses from Smith. 3 runs off it. He bowled in mid 130s but looked good with his lengths. Big moment for debutant Jasprit Bumrah as he comes into the attack. After 7 overs, Australia 39/1 (Warner 18, Smith 12) One bad delivery from Ishant and Smith makes sure he punishes it. It's short outside off, Smith punches it through cover-point for a boundary. 6 runs off the over. After 6 overs, Australia 33/1 (Warner 17, Smith 7) A good over from Umesh. He stuck to his lines, on a good length area and gave away just three runs.

After 5 overs, Australia 30/1 (Warner 16, Smith 6)

Indian fielding in the deep remains a problem. A bit of laxity. Warner tucks one behind square and they scamper through for a couple. The fielder on the fence was late to react. Ishant was a bit short with his length in that over. He punches one through covers for three. 7 runs off the over.

After 4 overs, Australia 23/1 (Warner 13, Smith 2)

It's that Umesh Yadav inconsistency again. He overpitches the first one and Warner caresses it through covers for three. A slightly short final ball and Warner just picks it up over square leg for a boundary. 9 runs off the over.

After 3 overs, Australia 14/1 (Warner 6, Smith 1)

A decent over from Ishant. He is getting good shape back into the batsman. Just two runs off it.

After 2 overs, Australia 12/1 (Warner 6, Smith 0) Good contest between bat and ball in that over. Umesh got some swing. Warner at first punched one through mid off for a couple to get off the mark. Umesh then beat his outside edge with an outswinger but Warner again hit back with a beautiful extra cover drive to make it 6 runs from the over.

After 1 over, Australia 6/1 (Warner 0, Smith 0)

Good start for India. Finch had hit the first four balls off the middle with one hammered over Ishant's head but then Ishant hit back to trap Finch LBW. 6 Runs and a wicket off the first over.

OUT! Ishant strikes early! Finch departs. AJ Finch lbw b I Sharma 6 (6b 1x4 0x6)

Finch had lofted Ishant straight back over his head off the fourth ball but Ishant bounces back to send him back. Good length delivery outside off, nips back in sharply. Finch comes half forward and looks to leave but is done in by sharp inward movement, he gets hit on the pads and the umpire lifts his finger straightaway.

Steven Smith is the new batsman.

Right! The Australia openers - Aaron Finch and David Warner are the openers. Ishant Sharma will start off proceedings.

AUS XI: Finch, Warner, Smith, Bailey, S Marsh, M Marsh, Wade, Faulkner, Hastings, Boland, Lyon. India XI: Rohit, Dhawan, Kohli, Dhoni, Pandey, Gurpreet, Jadeja, R Dhawan, Bumrah, Umesh, Ishant. Two changes for Aus too as Boland and Shaun Marsh replace Richardson and Maxwell. 2 changes for India as Bumrah and Manish Pandey replace Bhuvneshwar and injured Rahane. TOSS- India have won the toss and ELECTED TO FIELD. Jaspreet Bumrah to make his ODI debut at the SCG. Big day for the youngster.

8.10 AM IST: The good news is that the skies have cleared after a rain thread and the covers are off.

8 am IST: Hello and welcome to the coverage of fifth and final ODI between India and Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground. Match starts at 8.50 IST. Follow this space for live scores and coverage.

Preview: After suffering humiliating defeats in the four matches, India will be desperate to avoid a whitewash when they take on a domineering Australia in the fifth and final One-Day International (ODI) at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Saturday.

Despite centuries from opener Rohit Sharma and vice-captain Virat Kohli, the visitors could not avoid a defeat as consistent poor bowling and a stunning batting collapse accounted for four consecutive losses for the visitors.

India posted formidable scores in the first three matches but squandered the runs due to some toothless bowling and failure to take wickets at regular intervals.

File picture of members of India team. Getty

File picture of members of India team. Getty

In the fourth and penultimate match in Canberra, India's batting soared, aided by centuries from opener Shikhar Dhawan, and No.3 batsman Virat Kohli, but suffered a dramatic collapse, losing nine wickets for 46 runs to nosedive to a 25-run defeat.

India won the toss and elected to bat in the first two ODIs. Opener Rohit Sharma slammed centuries in both the matches to set a strong target for the hosts.

But neither its pacers nor spinners were able to pick up wickets with skipper Dhoni bemoaning the failure of spinners to land blows in the mid innings of Australia's batting.

The third match in Melbourne followed a similar pattern, only Australia wining the toss and electing to chase a target. But here too India gave away cheap runs, neither unable to contain nor take wickets, as a Steve Smith-led hosts romped to victory.

But what became puzzling for skippeer M.S. Dhoni was how India contrived to lose a match from a position of strength in the fourth game.

Set an imposing target of 349 runs after another bowling failure, India's response was magnificent.

Dhawan-Rohit began aggressively and their cue was taken up by Kohli, who stitched a 200 plus-run partnership with Dhawan to take India to the doorstep of victory.

But an ill-timed double dismissal of Dhawan and Kohli, in the 38th over, turned the tide.

From there panicked Indian batsmen committed hara-kiri falling in heap to help AUstralia post an unlikely victory.

Dhoni, who himself was out without scoring, took the blame on himself in an attempt to shield the failure of his team in both batting and bowling.

He would hope that his team-mates would show similar responsibility and put pride in their performance to avoid a humiliating 5-0 whitewash, which would demoralise the team further ahead of a three-match Twenty20 International (T20I) series starting January 26 in Adelaide.

The visitors could not have a practice session on Friday due of wet conditions. Rain may fall on Saturday with forecast predicting more showers on the match day.

While Indians have plenty of homework to do before taking the field on Saturday specially in terms of bowling, Australia have only once concern, with hard-hitting batsman Glenn Maxwell doubtful with a knock.

The middle-order batsman's condition would be monitored and assessed before the match after he was hit on his right knee at Canberra.

But the home side have plenty of names to fill in the gap if Maxwell misses out.

India are low in confidence and a win is much needed considering these matches are part of preparations for the World T20 at home in March.

For that, skipper Dhoni will aim to get his squad right for the final game before going into the very important T20 series.


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