Ashes: Panesar, Tremlett, Taylor added to England squad for third Test

Jul 29, 2013

Spin bowler Monty Panesar is among three players added to a 14-man England squad to face Australia in the third Ashes test starting Thursday at Old Trafford.

Panesar will be joined by batsman James Taylor and pace bowler Chris Tremlett, all of whom are included in a test squad for the first time this summer.


Panesar will be joined by batsman James Taylor and pace bowler Chris Tremlett. PTI

Steven Finn, who was left out of the team at Lord's, and Graham Onions make way for the trio. Kevin Pietersen, who has a calf injury, was included in the expanded squad and will be assessed closer to the start of the test.

England lead the five-match series 2-0 after 14-run and 347-run victories at Trent Bridge and Lord's, respectively.


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