AITA allowed Paes-Bhupathi conflict to fester

by Sep 18, 2012

Mahesh Bhupathi's press conference laid bare the facts that were shrouded behind the the tennis selection fiasco prior to the Olympics— at least from his viewpoint.

With Bhupathi going all out against the AITA after the decision to ban him, this was a significant moment for tennis in India.

With Bhupathi going all out against the AITA after the decision to ban him, this was a significant moment for tennis in India. PTI

Firstpost spoke to sports writer Ayaz Memon, and he agreed: "This is a significant moment because it is the first time that some sports person has spoken so openly about his feelings against his association without being shy about naming people."

But Bhupathi could also have come out so strongly because he is at the end of his career— he has nothing to lose. "You would expect this from somebody who has played so long and knows the game inside out. Plus, he has nothing to lose. But what also stands out is how this is symbolic of getting out of the clutches of the administrators who've been there for a long time-- and not necessarily with all them with the good of the sport at heart. "

Ayaz goes on to slam the AITA for the lack of responsibility they have shown since Indian tennis' biggest rift began.

"The Leander Paes-Mahesh Bhupathi rift should have been nipped immediately when it broke out. Irrespective of who is at fault, the AITA has been extremely negligent of its responsibilities."

Ayaz goes on to question what the AITA has been doing to stop tennis controversies since more than a decade.

To listen to the full conversation between Ayaz Memon and Sports Reporter Pulasta Dhar, check out the video.

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