5 things that kept Yuvraj going

by Apr 11, 2012

Gurgaon: At the press conference earlier today in Gurgaon Yuvaraj, gave us a sense of what's kept him going through his close to two months of treatment.

Twitter: Yuvi's bald look on twitter gave us a glimpse of his chemo days in the US. He made it a point to keep us updated about all important developments during the course of his treatment. These included visits by Anil Jumbo Kumble, Sachin Tendulkar. He said he did it becasue otherwise media would have come up with wrong facts. Also, it was important to feed crores of fans with regular updates.

Video games: Yuvi's friends and team mates say that he is a child at heart. Close to the child's heart, were video games. He played lots of them to divert his mind and also because he was unable to do much physical activity during the treatment.

Yuvraj tweeted out this photo from the US

Cooking: We all know Yuvi's love for Gobhi ke paranthey and daal chaawal. During his illness, his mother taught him how to cook 'mattar waale chaawal'. Why cook yourself? "It is a creative process and made me feel better," said he.

Lance Armstrong: Yuvi kept the biography close with him during his days in the US. The cricketer could relate to Armstrong who also suffered cancer. In him, Yuvraj found inspiration and solace. Yuvraj said he felt lucky that his cancer was detected at an early stage.

Shopping: Retail therapy supplemented chemotherapy. Whenever Yuvi felt fit enough, he said he went to shopping malls with his mother.

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