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Spark the Rise Season 2 Round 2 winners announced

Eight project entries and four idea entries have been announced as winners of Round 2 of Spark the Rise Season 2. Have a look at the entries, get more details from the Spark the Rise site, get inspired, vote and get an idea of the concepts that find favour with the judges.

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What is Rise?

Rise, says Mahindra, is a call to action. "It’s the challenger spirit that leads us to build ourselves better lives."

The thirst for a brighter future is something shared by people around the world. Rise, initiated by Mahindra, is a movement of determined people who are working towards goals of all sizes, every day. Mahindra builds solar lanterns and electric cars; they bring credit to under-served areas in rural India and put their IT know-how to work for healthcare services and ambulances. They raise sustainable urban apartments and make affordable trucks for small businesses. Around the world, people are greening businesses and building schools, advocating for reform and harnessing new technologies to drive positive change in medicine, entertainment, political transparency, and much more.

This, says Mahindra, is Rise-the optimism, determination, and grit to take responsibility for a better future. In 2012, Spark the Rise is bigger and better.

What is Spark the Rise?

Spark the Rise is an online platform for change-makers across India to connect with one another, collaborate and exchange ideas, procure volunteers and donors, and to compete for monthly grants from Mahindra.

Submit a “Spark” – a Project or Idea that aims to drive positive change – and work with the Spark the Rise community to make it a reality! Browse through existing Sparks and support your favorites by voting, volunteering, lending your expertise, or providing funds and equipment. Hope on over to our Discussion Forum, introduce yourself, and Spark a conversation. The Spark the Rise Community is growing and thriving – join today and play your part in India’s Rise! Watch this video and you will get a better sense of that this movement; a better sense of how YOU could be one of the many, we hope, who spark rises.

The Firstpost advantage:

Firstpost readers can submit their ideas here itself.

If you have an idea or a project that you believe will Spark The Rise, send us the kernel of your thoughts in 500 words or less using our comments box. Our editorial team will go through these ideas and shortlist the best and most practical. We will then help you fill up your entry in the format required by Spark The Rise.

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