Yeddy confident of getting ‘absolute majority’ in Karnataka

by May 5, 2013

Former Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa has said that he is confident of getting an absolute majority in the ongoing state assembly polls.



Yeddyurappa who broke away from the BJP to form his own Karnataka Janata Party (KJP) said he was confident that he would form the government.

Speaking to media in Shimoga, Karnataka, Yeddyurappa said, "Here I will get absolute majority. We will form the government. We will be the single largest party in the polls".

This show of bravado aside however, Firstpost columnist TS Sudhir says, "Everyone in the KJP knows that Elections 2013 are about Yeddyurappa trying to be the kingmaker, not the king. The former chief minister’s best bet is a fractured mandate where he with his MLAs gets to play a role. Given his standing as a powerful Lingayat politician (the community accounts for 17 percent of the population), he is certain to dent the BJP chances significantly. The advantage will accrue mainly to the Congress and the JD(S) to an extent but Yeddyurappa would hope it still isn’t good enough for the Congress to cross the half way mark of 112. And that’s where Yeddyurappa hopes to do business with the Congress."

He adds,

"But it would be unwise to write off Yeddyurappa. Despite his exit from the chief minister’s office in rather unsavoury circumstances, there are many in Karnataka who respect him for his vision and development agenda and compliment him for his first 18 months in office. Being a full-time politician, Yeddyurappa is seen as someone who had the determination to make a difference."



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