Will try our best so that alliance with JD-U isn’t broken: Bihar BJP

Jun 12, 2013

Patna: With key ally JD(U) signalling parting ways with NDA, Bihar BJP core committee today held a hurriedly convened meeting at the residence of Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi to take stock of the situation.

After the meeting, Bihar BJP president Mangal Pandey told reporters that the party was in favour of continuation of the alliance and would be the "last to go for a break-up".

Image for representation only. AFP

Image for representation only. AFP

"BJP worked hard for formation of NDA and even made sacrifices to end jungle raj (of RJD) in Bihar. So, we will try our best to see that it is not broken," he said.

The meeting decided that until JD(U) president Sharad Yadav, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar or state JD(U) chief Bashist Narayan Singh come out with a statement on severing of ties, BJP will not consider assertions of other members as that party's "decision", Pandey said.

Referring to the situation after appointment of Narendra Modi as BJP campaign panel chief, he said it was the party's prerogative and others do not have a right to question it.


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