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Public officials who have mandate to rule are typical bullies: CAG

Mumbai: Comptroller and Auditor General Vinod Rai, whose reports on various scams had raised the hackles of those in the government, says people who have the mandate to rule are typical "bullies".

Rai, who is due to retire in May this year, also said on Friday that time alone will tell whether he will join politics.



The Government auditor while stating that public officials make the most oft-repeated statement that law would be allowed to take its own course over detection of large number of misdemeanours regretted that this does not happen at all.

Touching upon the rash of corruption case that has come to the fore, Rai said things have changed and the silent majority can no more be bullied by the minority.

Describing 2012 as a defining year, the CAG said the year debunked the myth of silent majority.

"The myth that has been debunked is that of the silent majority. The majority is always silent because the minority feel that they have a mandate and they are exercising that mandate.

They are more articulate and aggressive than the silent majority...... But, the times have changed....but, the so called people who have the mandate, are typical what I would call, bullies. The majority has to be consistent in their efforts to see the changes in the system," Rai said in response to a question at a banking symposium in Mumbai.

Rai said the urban middle-class, who are usually averse to the idea of politics, are now asserting themselves, and are uniting for a cause.

"Today, there is a culture of end justifying the means, which has far reaching implications," he added.

Rai said compulsion of coalition politics in every democracy is leading to convenient deviations. "The dominant culture of adjustment is prevalent... with honesty and integrity becoming the casualty."

"It is unfortunate that this is exactly what doesn't happen and any number impediments are created in law taking its own course," he said of statements by the public officials over the large number of misdemeanours which have been reported that the law would be allowed to take its own course.

When asked whether he had any plans to join politics post-retirement, Rai quipped, "Is there any thing wrong in it? Time alone will tell. I neither affirm nor deny..."


Published Date: Feb 16, 2013 08:53 AM | Updated Date: Feb 16, 2013 09:01 AM

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