Sunanda Pushkar's rant at media: Hissy fit or reasonable reaction?

Shashi Tharoor may be a relatively new entrant into politics, but if there's one thing he's as good as any veteran politician at it is at being unflappable. He is unflappable on television debates, at political rallies and can hold his own on Twitter, which isn't the easiest place to acknowledge you're a member of the current UPA government.

But on Thursday, Tharoor was reportedly left dumbfounded when his wife lost her temper with a journalist when she saw the minister interacting with him and told him to back off.

"This is why I hate the media... I have thrown liquor at Arnab Goswami. You think I can’t do that to you?" Sunanda Tharoor reportedly screamed at Khaleej Times journalist Muaz Shabandri.

Tharoor, meanwhile, who had been talking about the BJP and the AAP before his wife jumped in, reportedly quickly slipped away.

Sunanda and Shashi Tharoor. AFP

Sunanda and Shashi Tharoor. AFP

As the news spread like wildfire on social media and Twitter, Sunanda took to Twitter to defend herself and said that the journalist had begun interviewing her husband despite a scheduled interview the next day:




And contrary to what she may have told the journalist in Dubai, Sunanda clarified that she hasn't ever thrown alcohol at Times Now's Arnab Goswami.

However, despite Sunanda's criticism and claiming she was merely ensuring her husband maintained a fine work-life balance, the Khaleej Times has said that they won't be apologising for the report any time soon and said they stood by it.

Sunanda Tharoor has encountered controversy in the recent past as well when she tweeted at the BJP's Subramanian Swamy criticising him and later said that her Twitter account had been hacked.


Published Date: Jan 13, 2014 13:45 PM | Updated Date: Jan 13, 2014 13:45 PM

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