Ready to discuss all issues in Parl, MPs must work together: PM

Nov 22, 2012

As the Winter Session of Parliament gets underway, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Thursday sought cooperation of all his colleagues in both the Houses to come together and address issues and challenges facing the nation. Against the backdrop of vociferous opposition to FDI in retail and a threat of a no-confidence motion, Singh also reminded the Opposition of the obligation to work together to enable parliamentary democracy to grapple with the formidable challenges before the country.

Manmohan Singh. PTI

Here's the full text of PM's statement to the media at Parliament House:

Our Parliament has a very heavy Legislative agenda during the Winter Session. I seek cooperation from my colleagues in the House to come together and address the issues and challenges that we face as a nation. We are ready to discuss all issues on the floor of both the Houses. We all have an obligation, in opposition as well as in Government, to work together to enable our parliamentary democracy, of which we are genuinely proud to grapple with the formidable challenges facing our country.

Our country faces many problems on the economic front arising out of the consequences of global economic slowdown. We need to create new jobs on a large enough scale to provide gainful employment to our youth. We need to increase investments in infrastructure sectors and social services like health and education to accelerate the tempo of economic growth. Our Govermnent is committed to these tasks but success thereof requires cohesive collective action on the part of all segments of our polity.

I invite all political parties to join hands in this vital national endeavour.

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