PDP failed to deliver when it got opportunity: Omar

Jul 5, 2012

Srinagar: Hitting out at opposition PDP, Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today alleged the party failed to deliver when it was in power in the state.

"They (PDP) played with the emotions of people by raising sentimental slogans but miserably failed when the occasion of delivery arose. They talked too much on burning issues but fumbled when they got the occasion to rise and perform," Omar told a public meeting at Bijbehara in Anantnag district, a PDP bastion.

Jammu and Kashmir, Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah. Image courtesy PIB

Accusing PDP of adopting propagandist approach during its regime, he said, "They forgot all their promises made to people and indulged in conspiracies to stick to power by hook or crook."

"PDP patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed at Ganderbal had told militants to drop guns...but during its regime, PDP leadership opposed the rehabilitation and repatriation policy for the youth who had crossed the LoC," the NC leader said.

Referring to the killings of innocents during the PDP regime, he said its slogan of "healing touch" was a hoax to befool people and grab power.

"Your (PDP) healing touch proved to be killing touch for people," Omar said.

He also accused the PDP leadership of hatching conspiracy to dislodge the Farooq Abdullah government in early-80's.

"You always tried to derail democratic process. You brought Jagmohan as the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir to dislodge Farooq Abdullah's government," Omar said.


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