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Nine anti-corruption posters you must see

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As the anti-corruption protests continue all over the country, we decided to curate images of the most eye-catching protest posters across Ramlila Maidan and all other major cities in India. We've chosen some of the most innovative posters because as the images revealed people are protesting and using their creativity at the same time. Its not just the plain old, "Say no to corruption" posters that you are likely to find at the protest grounds.

The posters are striking, innovative and reflect the common anger of the people against the corrupt practices of the people. As seen in them, people are drawing on popular mythology, religious tales, amongst other things to express their disgust with the government and their admiration for Anna. Anna, thanks to this posters, is now part of a larger religious imagery and synonymous with the Gods.

Anna as Shiva. PTI

Anna as Shiva. PTI

While the posters have glorified Anna to a modern Ram and an angry Shiva, the UPA and its tainted ministers have not been spared from the mockery of the protesters. Sonia as Gandhari, Rahul a ten-headed demon, the modern Mahabharat, Kalmadi mocked as Ghajini for supposed memory loss, the modern protester of India is busy vilifying the government with images and is not afraid to create some truly shocking ones.

All in all, these are without doubt some of the most creative and unusual posters that we've seen in recent times and we've pulled them together in the slideshow below.

First Published On : Aug 26, 2011 18:13 IST

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