Muslims not targeted, more Hindus killed in fake encounters: BJP

New Delhi: The BJP today rejected as a "false perception" that Muslims are being targeted in the name of fighting terror and claimed more Hindus have been killed in fake encounters, mostly in Congress-ruled states.

BJP accused Congress of polarising the country as it slammed Minority Affairs Minister K Rahman Khan's proposal to set up a special task force to oversee terror cases against Muslims. It said by this measure Congress has once again demonstrated its intention to divide India on religious lines.

BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi. Image courtesy ibnlive

BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi. Image courtesy ibnlive

"A false perception is sought to be created that Muslims are being targeted in false cases by this rogue regime (Gujarat) when far worse false cases are pending against innocent Hindus. Even charge sheets have not been filed in some cases and they continue to be under illegal detention by Congress governments," BJP spokesperson Meenakshi Lekhi said.

Citing NHRC data to back its charge, BJP said that "Congress, in its greed for power, is misquoting facts about encounters".

"NHRC data firstly shows that there are more fake encounters in Congress-ruled states and secondly more Hindus have been killed in fake encounters. The myth-making and perpetuating industry is compromising societal and national interests," Lekhi said.

Narendra Modi's government in Gujarat is facing charges of killing Ishrat Jahan, an alleged LeT operative, in a fake encounter along with three others.

"NHRC data suggests that out of 1,262 complaints of fake encounters received since 1993, mostly Hindus were killed and in 203 cases Muslims were alleged to have been killed," Lekhi said.

The main opposition took the argument further with the charge that Christians have been targeted in northeastern states through illegal detentions by Congress governments.

"BJP objects to any attempt to discriminate Sikhs, Hindus and Christians in terror cases and letting them languish in jails thereby selectively targeting non-Muslim communities," Lekhi said.