Modi haters create to ‘track his lies’

Aug 23, 2013

Jaipur: Taking on Narendra Modi in the cyber world, his critics have launched yet another website which promises to "track lies" and "expose truths" associated with the Gujarat chief minister.

"The website — — by People's Union of Civil Liberties will serve as an attempt to restore democracy of thought and figures," NGO PUCL's vice president Radhakant Saxena said at a launch event here.

A screenshot of

A screenshot of

" is not aimed to target any political party, but to make public aware of Gujarat Chief Minister's claims which were part of personal propaganda and selling himself as a product," Saxena claimed.

With the Lok Sabha polls due next year, critics of Modi, who was appointed as the head of BJP's campaign committee, have been taking him on social media.

Congress supporters have used different hashtags starting with Feku on Twitter to ridicule Modi's development claims.

Earlier, another website ‘’ was developed by Congress supporters that ridicules Modi's claims on Gujarat's development and promises.

PUCL claimed that while the state brags about huge foreign direct investment inflow, 60,000 small scale industries have been shut in Gujarat in last 10 years.

The state's total debt was less than Rs 10,000 crore when BJP first came to power in Gujarat in 1995. It multiplied from Rs 45,301 crore in 2001-02 to Rs 1,38,978 crore on December 2012 during the Modi rule, PUCL said in a statement.

Gujarat is at 8th position in agriculture growth which is less than 10 per cent, it said.

A short film "true, hidden picture of Gujarat" was also screened at the event.


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