Modi cagey on ambitions, says he's not looking beyond Gujarat

Narendra Modi has already begun attacking the Centre over various issues after hitting the campaign trail in Gujarat, hinting he may have ambitions that extend beyond the boundaries of Gujarat but the BJP leader is still cagey about it, saying he wants to serve the country but is committed to his home state.

In an interview to the Economist, Modi, when asked about having prime ministerial ambitions said that he was just interested in doing something for the country.

"My basic philosophy is, I don’t want to be anything. But I want to do something. So I’m not interested in becoming anything, but I am interested in doing something for my country and for the poor people," he said.

Does he want to go to Delhi? PTI

The Chief Minister also defended his style of leadership saying he wasn't dictatorial as some detractors claim, was a leader who could fit the secular mould and also said he was willing to accept criticism as long as it didn't come in the form of allegations.

While Modi may have avoided stating it, the magazine notes in its profile of the Gujarat Chief Minister that if the BJP picks the economy and governance as its poll plank for the next general elections, they are likely to pick him as their candidate.

Read Modi's interview here and the profile on him here.

Published Date: Oct 02, 2012 18:52 PM | Updated Date: Oct 02, 2012 18:52 PM

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