Karnataka crisis: Speaker says he won't do anything unconstitutional

Madekeri (Karnataka): Karnataka Assembly Speaker KG Bopaiah today said he would not take any unconstitutional step in the wake of 13 BJP legislators announcing their decision to quit the House membership.

"I will not take any unconstitutional step nor act upon somebody's advise (while dealing the issue of MLAs' resignation)," he told reporters here.

Pushing the government into a crisis, the 13 MLAs loyal to Karnataka Janata Party chief and former BJP strongman BS Yeddyurappa had gone in a delegation on Wednesday to meet Bopaiah to submit their resignation from Assembly membership but in vain as he was not in station.

The Shettar government has survived despite 13 MLAs seeking to resign. PTI

The Shettar government has survived despite 13 MLAs seeking to resign. PTI

Enraged by this, they had submitted copies of their resignation letters to Governor Bhardwaj.

Bopaiah said his visit to Pashupati temple in Nepal had nothing to do with politics.

He said tendering resignations by the MLAs has become a "fad" for gaining political mileage through media reports.

"I have been hearing for the last six months about ministers and legislators tendering resignations," he said.

Bopaiah said he would return to Bangalore on 28 January. Meanwhile, Haveri MLA Nehru Olekar, a staunch supporter of Yeddyurappa, told reporters at Haveri that more than 10 BJP legislators, including ministers, would quit BJP and join Yeddyurappa's party soon.

Yeddyurappa's son and Shimoga MP BY Raghavendra also will join his father's party when time arrives, Olekar said.

"This will sound the death knell of the BJP government," he warned.