Karnataka Assembly polls on 5 May, counting on 8 May

by Mar 20, 2013

The Election Commission today announced that polls to the Karnataka state assembly will be held in a single phase on 5 May and the counting will be on 8 May.

"There will be 50,436 polling stations across the state and the voters will register their votes using Electronic Voting Machines," said Chief Election Commissioner VS Sampath in a press conference in New Delhi. Election Commissioners Syed Nasim Ahmad Zaidi and HS Brahma were also present at the briefing.

Chief Election Commissioner VS Sampath. Image courtesy PIB

Chief Election Commissioner VS Sampath. Image courtesy PIB

"Through this forum we declare that the Model Code of Conduct comes into effect immediately," Sampath said.

"The issue of notification is on 10 April and the last date of nomination will be done on 17 April," he said.

The scrutiny of nomination will be on 18 April while the last date of withdrawal of candidature is 20 April. The voting will take place between 8am to 5 pm. The term of the current Karnataka Assembly ends in 3 June.


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