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Is Team Anna's fast at Jantar Mantar a farce?

Is Team Anna's hunger strike at Jantar Mantar a farce? According to Zoya Hasan, a Social Sciences Professor from Jawaharlal Nehru University, the repetition of the hunger strikes by the social activists had become a bit of a farce.

"There are different kinds of weapons of protest and fast is one of them. But I certainly do not consider fasting a legitimate weapon of protest because it is coercive. And in this case Anna's fast is the fourth one and it is becoming a little farcical because fast cannot be switched on and switched off," Hasan told CNN-IBN.


"This is becoming a bit ridiculous. Fasting is a very extreme method. If at all there is a fast it should be used sparingly and not as frequently as its being used by Team Anna," Hasan added.

The professor also feels that there is confusion in terms of the strategy of the team.

"There is strategic confusion in Team Anna. To start with they rightly pointed out that corruption is a systemic issue and therefore they demanded a legislation Lokayukta. Now they are focussing on corrupt individuals," Hasan said.

She also said the social activists had no clarity in its agenda which was confusing even its supporters.

"Team Anna has to be clear about its agenda. For example, its attitude towards politics or towards political parties. To start with it was civil society movement, it was non-political. Now they are indicating they may contest elections" Hasan added.

Hasan also said it is confusing what 'Team Anna' stood for any more.

"It is not clear whether this is a political movement, a civil society movement, it is just an anti-corruption movement or it is a movement which wants regime change," Hasan said.

Published Date: Jul 26, 2012 14:20 PM | Updated Date: Jul 26, 2012 14:21 PM