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If we do our work honestly, Anna will support us: Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal is confident that Anna Hazare will join their political party and stressed that he had no difference with Anna Hazare. According to him, Anna would support them when he realises that the party has a strong stand on anti-corruption.

Speaking to CNN-IBN, he said, "Annaji thinks that politics is dirty and that is why he wants to stay away from it. But very soon he will join us when he realises that we want to reform it from within. If we do our work honestly and sincerely he will support us."

Will Anna move to Kejriwal's side? AP

The anti-corruption brigade has reportedly split and Anna Hazare is no longer in favour of Kejriwal's politics. But Kejriwal argued, "Anna does not have ideological positions. The solutions that we are looking for are not dependant on ideology. Both he and I believe in practical solutions."

Anna Hazare also did not want to associated with any financial dealing that was done in the name of Indian Against Corruption (IAC). He was reportedly given a cheque of 2 crores from the donations that IAC received.

Kejriwal vehemently denies the allegation. He said, "IAC had given a cheque of Rs 1.25 cr and not 2 cr. It is a rumour being spread to dislodge IAC. Annaji had no issues with taking donations during the movement and the cheque was offered to him only once."

Kejriwal also denied that his relation with Kiran Bedi had soured over differences in the movement against corruption. "I have no bitterness towards Kiran Bedi. I have immense respect for her and treat her like my sister." he added.

Published Date: Sep 25, 2012 11:43 AM | Updated Date: Sep 25, 2012 12:35 PM

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