If Jyoti Gram gives electricity to all, why leave out Sitaben, Mr Modi?

by Nov 27, 2012

Not long ago in April this year, when the summer was at its harshest in entire India, Gujarat was an exception. Rural Gujarat was receiving 24x7 power supply under Jyoti Gram scheme and the village economy also got a boost.

Producing 15,000 MW during that time, Gujarat turned out to be a power surplus state when the rest of India was reeling under electricity crunch.

Sitaben. Image courtesy Sharvari Raval.

"The reason why there is no power shortage is because we don't have a policy paralysis. Our plans have been as per schedule and have been implemented," Gujarat Energy Minister Saurabh Patel had then said.

However in November, the story has turned out to be altogether different.

Photographer turned citizen journalist Sharvari Raval in her video sent to CNN-IBN challenges Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's claim of electricity for all in the state.

Senior citizen Sitaben still lights her lamps in the evenings at Behrampura area in the state's main city of Ahmedabad.

With the state going into a two-phase poll on 13 and 17 December, will the Modi government ask for votes on a claim which is actually a travesty of truth?

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