If I was PM I would have sacked Khurshid: Sangma

by Jul 10, 2012

NDA's presidential nominee PA Sangma today said that Union Law Minister Salman Khurshid's statements on the government having no direction was completely uncalled for and he would have sacked him if he was heading the government

"How can he say something like that? If I would have been prime minister then I would have sacked him," Sangma told reporters in Mumbai.

The former Lok Sabha speaker said he wouldn't have tolerated such a statement. PTI

Sangma said that it was unacceptable that a minister was making statements against his own government saying that it was directionless.

The former Lok Sabha speaker, who is the NDA's candidate for the presidential poll, was in Mumbai to meet with the BJP's legislators in the state.

Khurshid's statements on the UPA government and Rahul Gandhi had sparked off a political storm, with the minister saying that the UPA government was directionless and the Congress general secretary needed to take up more responsibility in the government.

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