I-T dept probes firms linked to Gadkari’s Purti group

by Oct 30, 2012

Raids by Income Tax officials on the firms which are supposed to have invested in BJP president Nitin Gadkari's business empire have revealed hurried attempts from some to gain the veneer of credibility, according to an NDTV report.

The Income Tax department today conducted inquiries at 12 places in Mumbai - at the addresses provided by the companies to the authorities. The latter also began probe into the shell companies of Purti group, owned by Gadkari.

NDTV reports that offices in Mumbai were now being dressed up to resemble places of business and carpenters were at work, putting together office furniture.


Early inquiries, according to officials, suggest that many directors in the firms that bought stake in Gadkari's Purti Power and Sugar Limited were security guards, labourers and at least one astrologer.

According to reports, officials of the investing companies would be summoned in due course and, if needed, the BJP chief would also be asked to be present.

Gadkari is under attack over dubious funding of Purti Power and Sugar Ltd controlled by him with media reports alleging that major investments and large loans to it were made by a construction firm, Ideal Road Builders (IRB), which had won contracts between 1995 and 1999, when he was the PWD minister in Maharashtra.

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