Gujarat polls: Agariyas, the salt makers suffer silently

by Dec 12, 2012

Although Gujarat produces 72 percent of the country's total salt production, the marginal communities like the Agariyas in Little Rann of Kutch have to sell their produce at throwaway prices.

"While the Agariyas make our meals tasty, their lives are full of pain and agony," said Pankti, citizen journalist for CNN-IBN.

Salt production in Little Rann of Kutch. Image courtesy Pankti

"There is no regular water supply in the desert. There are no schools for the Agariya children to learn. There are neither mid-day meals nor day care centres. To add to that their only livelihood of salt production is under threat," she said.

While the state goes for Assembly polls on 13 and 17 December and a new government will take over after the counting of votes on 20 December, Pankti wonders if the new caretakers of Gandhinagar will care for this community in the Little Rann of Kutch.

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