Gadkari’s man Joshi quits: Enough for Modi to attend BJP meet?

by May 24, 2012

Senior BJP leader Sanjay Joshi today resigned from his post in the party in a move being seen as one to pacify Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and get him to attend the party's national executive meet being held in Mumbai from today.

Joshi, who was brought back into the party by BJP president Nitin Gadkari has faced constant opposition from Modi.

Joshi had earlier resigned from the post of BJP General Secretary (Organization) after a video clip allegedly showing him in a compromising position with a woman was circulated during the 2005 party national executive meet.

Will Modi show up? PTI

However, seen as a link between the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and the BJP, Joshi was brought back to work for the party after Gadkari succeeded Rajnath Singh as the party president. While the RSS reportedly sought his reinstatement, the party had been opposed to it and acceded to him being brought back only after Gadkari took charge.

However, his return to the party had always been a bone of contention among the political luminaries in the party with even leaders like LK Advani reportedly expressing opposition. Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley had admitted that there were differences within the party over Joshi's return.

The opposition to Joshi only grew louder when he was made in charge of the party's campaign in the UP elections, a move which was reportedly one of the factors that resulted in Modi not campaigning for the party in the state elections.

Joshi's potential rise was linked to the outcome of the UP elections and the RSS had also reportedly hinted that they would want a bigger role for him in the 2012 Gujarat state elections if the party did well. But even after the party's debacle in the UP, Joshi remained relatively unscathed, a move that may not have gone down well with those in the party opposed to him. He was even scheduled to attend the national executive meet today which is to be attended by senior party leaders.

Modi had been non-committal about attending the party's national executive meet until yesterday and was scheduled to attend a function in Udaipur. While senior BJP leaders also evaded the question, Joshi's exit from the party may be accepted by the Gujarat Chief Minister as a peace offering and he could make an appearance at the meet which begins in Mumbai today.

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