Former Trinamool member threatens hospital staff with gun, held

by Nov 12, 2012

After storming into a hospital waving a gun and threatening hospital staff in Birbhum district in West Bengal, a former Trinamool Congress member Ashish Dey was arrested and is likely to be produced before a court today.

Dey was arrested on Sunday and was slapped with non-bailable charges. He is scheduled to be produced in court today, NDTV reported.

CCTV grab of former Trinamool MP Ashish De threatening the hospital staff. Pic courtesy IBNlive.

"He first started a verbal spat with our employees accompanied by a group who repeatedly pleaded with them to leave the hospital premises. Dey then suddenly whipped out a revolver and threatened our staff," the hospital's managing director JP Khaitan told NDTV.

Dey was accompanied by other Trinamool party activists and student-wing activists when he stormed into the hospital on Friday.

The reason behind the Dey's outburst was reportedly over the induction of a  doctor in the hospital, CNN IBN reported.

However, the Trinamool Congress washed its hands off Dey.

"Ashish Dey is no more with our party. He was suspended a couple of years back," Trinamool MP Shatabdi Roy said.

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