Congress will get a clear mandate in Karnataka: Veerappa Moily

by May 5, 2013

Minister for Petroleum, Veerappa Moily has said he is confident that Congress will get a clear majority in the ongoing Karnataka polls.



"Having undergone the nightmare of bad governance, non-development and an anti-social justice programme, the people in Karnataka are looking for a change from the BJP government and the only alternative is Congress. The Congress will emerge with a clean mandate for five years", Moily told reporters in Bangalore.

Responding to opposition charges that the Congress had no clear strategy for the state as it did not even have a Chief Ministerial candidate, Moily said that the CM candidate would be chosen based on consensus by all elected Congress MLAs.

"The opposition doesnt know the principles of democracy", he said.

Voting however has not been promising in the state, with just about 15 percent of the states 43.6 million voters casting their ballots as of 11am.

However voting has been extended by an hour to 6pm due to the extreme heat in the state.

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