Congress’ Rajyaguru richest candidate in Rajkot

Nov 25, 2012

Rajkot: Congress candidate Indranil Rajyaguru is the richest candidate in the fray in Rajkot-1 constituency having assets worth over Rs 123 crores.

Rajyaguru, who is contesting the assembly election against BJP candidate Kashyap Shukla, today filed his nomination form in which he claimed to have the assets worth crores.

Congress' Indranil Rajyaguru is richest candidate in Rajkot. Andrew Middleton/Flickr

This included agriculture land worth about Rs 56 crores, fixed deposit of Rs 23 lakh, shares worth over Rs 16 lakh, vehicles worth over Rs 1 crores and jewellery of about Rs 34 lakh.

Rajyaguru also owns non-agriculture land worth Rs 29 crores and land of around Rs 15 crores earmarked for commercial purpose and another parcel of land marked for housing worth Rs 16 crores, according to the filing.


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