Cong backs separate state, Telangana MPs don’t resign

Jan 30, 2013

New Delhi: Congress MPs from Telangana tonight decided not to resign after indications from the AICC that the party is not against formation of a separate state.

Nizamabad MP Madhu Goud Yaskhi, one of the MPs in the forefront of the agitation, said he did not see any need for resignation after the announcement.
"I don't think there is any need for resignation now.

Protests over Telangana. Agencies.

Protests over Telangana. Agencies.

The statement by Chacko is clear," he told reporters here. Goud was reacting to Party spokesperson P C Chacko's statement that Congress is not against the formation of Telangana state.

The MPs announced yesterday that they would forward their resignation, along with a letter explaining the reason for it, to Sonia Gandhi today. Chacko said,"We are in the process of taking a decision but then formalities have to be completed," he said.

Chacko's initial response was that the party's position on Telangana is well known and that "it's only a question of time" when the decision will be announced. Asked specifically whether he meant to say the separate
state of Telangana will be announced and it is just a matter of time now, the Congress spokesperson responded by saying, "You are right. We have taken a position. Our party position is very clear... but whatever decision has to be taken has to fulfill some Constitutional obligations."


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