Case of fraud lodged against Gopal Kanda

Aug 30, 2012

Jamshedpur: A case of fraud has been lodged against MDLR Airlines Managing Director Gopal Kanda, who was arrested in connection with the suicide of the company’s former airhostess Geetika Sharma, in a local court on Tjursday.

Anis Khirwal, a local agent of MDLR Airlines here lodged the case of criminal breach of trust and cheating and dishonesty under IPC alleging that the company owned by the former Haryana minister had not returned the advance of Rs 1.68 lakh paid in lieu of the sale of the company’s air tickets.

Gopal Kanda. PTI

The case also made MDLR’s Head Finance, V K Gupta a party to the case. Chief Judicial Magistrate A K Rai today transferred the case to the court of first class judicial magistrate S P Thakur, who directed Bistupur police station to lodge an FIR against the accused persons. MDLR operated a daily service on Delhi-Ranchi- Jamshedpur-Kolkata in 2008 but terminated the services after about six months.


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