Budget Session LIVE updates: Both Houses adjourned as Andhra Pradesh issue rocks Parliament

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Budget Session LIVE updates: Both Houses adjourned as Andhra Pradesh issue rocks Parliament
  • 14:52 (IST)

    Rajya Sabha adjourned for the day

  • 14:52 (IST)

    Din in Rajya Sabha as YS Chowdary quotes Venkaiah Naidu's speech arguing for special speech for Andhra

    In the course of his speech, Chowdary quoted the Opposition MP Venkaiah Naidu requesting special status for Andhra for at least 10 years. This elicited an objection from Railway Minister Piyush Goyal who said that Chowdary was trying to cast aspersions on the Chair (Venkaiah Naidu). This was met with sharp opposition from the Congress members who requested the quotes to be repeated. 

    The deputy chairman, however, expunged those remarks as he said the Chairman had seen and vetted the speech but Chowdary had deviated from the approved version.  

  • 14:47 (IST)

    YS Chowdary reminds Rajya Sabha the promises made by Manmohan Singh in Parliament

    Chowdary said that the former prime minister Manmohan Singh has promised that Centre's hand-holing to Andhra. He then added that both the national parties were responsible for the secession of Andhra Pradesh and a certain help was promised to us at the time. Chowdary further said that the new constitutional restriction being cited by the Centre should not be applicable retrospectively to what was promised to Andhra. 

  • 14:35 (IST)

    YS Chowdary of TDP resumes speech on Andhra special status

    Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha told Chowsary to resume his speech from yesterday, which was interrupted due to the disruption of the House. He, however, added that Chowdary must stick to the speech approved by the Chairman and resist making any allegations.  

  • 14:32 (IST)

    Rajya Sabha resumes operation

  • 12:45 (IST)

    RECAP: Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2.30 pm after brief arguments between Venkaiah Naidu, Congress members

    The Rajya Sabha today witnessed an abrupt adjournment following a brief argument between Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu and some Congress members soon after the House assembled for the day.

    After tabling of the listed papers, Naidu expressed his anguish saying the House has not functioned ever since it resumed on March 5 after recess during the Budget session.

    Before adjourning the House till 2.30 PM, Naidu said there were larger issues like banking scam, Cauvery river water sharing, demand for a special package to Andhra Pradesh and sealing in the national capital, which were agitating the minds of people and needed to be discussed.

    "I am very much pained that the Upper House of Parliament is not able to transact its business for last two weeks. Dont't test my patience...We are meeting, greeting and not doing anything and adjourning," the Chairman said.

    As he was making the appeal, Congress member Satyabrat Chaturvedi stood up and said he agreed with the Chair, but sought to know whether it was for the first time that he is witnessing such a scenario in Parliament.

    To this, Naidu asked if somebody committed a mistake in the past, does it mean that he should also do the same.

    "Do you want this sort of a thing to continue? ... Is that your suggestion. This is your party view," he said.

    As some other Congress members were on their feet trying to join the issue simultaneously, Naidu adjourned the House till 2.30 PM. 

  • 12:31 (IST)

    TDP had to yet again follow YSRCP's lead: YS Jagan Mohan Reddy

  • 12:17 (IST)

    How TDP leaving NDA changes numbers game in Lok Sabha

    The TDP has 16 MPs, and it said it would move a no-confidence motion against the Central government. In doing so, it would be following in the footsteps of rival Andhra Pradesh party, the YSR Congress, which has also said it would be moving a no-confidence motion against the Centre. The two Andhra parties have been miffed with the BJP following the latter's inability to grant special status for the state.

    The NDA had stormed to power with 336 seats in 2014, of which the BJP alone claimed 282 seats. However, a series of bypolls that went against the saffron party meant that its tally in the Lok Sabha currently stands at 273 seats. When one adds the allies the BJP does have by its side — Shiv Sena, JD(U), Apna Dal, LJP, SAD, RLSP, PDP — the tally rises to 312. If the TDP can be persuaded to come around once again, this could rise to 328, a comfortable majority.

  • 12:14 (IST)

    Lok Sabha adjourned for the day

    The Lok Sabha was adjourned for the day after Telagana Rashra Samithi (TRS) MPs stormed the Well. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said she cannot introduce the two no confidence motions by YSRCP and TDP if House members continued to disrupt proceedings as she needed to check if there are 50 members to support each motion. Protesting MPs created more ruckus in response, forcing her to adjourn Lok Sabha till Monday. 

  • 12:09 (IST)

    Lok Sabha resumes session; TDP MPs storm Well of the House 

    Even as Opposition MPs continued to chant slogans in the House, with TRS, TDP MPs storming the Well of the House, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan began with business for the day. She also said that she is duty-bound to introduce the two no-confidence motions but asked protesting MPs to sit in their places. As she said this, Opposition protests began to get louder. 

  • 11:51 (IST)

    Lok Sabha to resume session at 12 pm 

  • 11:41 (IST)

    'Andhra Pradesh will be our next Tripura': BJP national spokesperson

    Speaking to ANIBJP national spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao claimed that the Andhra Pradesh government and TDP are wary of the BJP's rise in the state. "The state government and TDP are feeling the pinch of the public opinion going against them and BJP will use this as an opportunity to grow as a political party and emerge as a dominant political force in Andhra Pradesh. For us it will prove to be the next Tripura," Rao said. 

  • 11:35 (IST)

    'BJP playing dirty games': TDP MP Jaydev Galla 

  • 11:33 (IST)

    TDP decided to move its own no-confidence motion after suspecting nexus between YSRCP and BJP
    Andhra Pradesh's ruling party had on Thursday offered to back the YSR Congress' no-confidence motion but has now said it withdraws the support as it smells a nexus between it and the BJP.
    TDP MP CM Ramesh added that YSR Congress MP Vijaysai Reddy was seen making  attempts to meet the prime minister and this hinted at a nexus  between both parties.
    "We have no confidence in their no-confidence motion, so we have decided to go on our own," he said. - PTI

  • 11:29 (IST)

    AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi says party will support no-confidence motion

    All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen chief Asaduddin Owaisi said his party will support the no-confidence motion against the NDA government in the Lok Sabha. "MIM party will support the no confidence motion in Lok Sabha, not only for failure of Modi government to implement State Reorganisation Act but their failure to fulfill their promise to provide employment to youth ans for injustice to Muslim women and minorities," CNN-News18 quoted him as saying.

  • 11:25 (IST)

    WATCH: TDP MPs protest outside Parliament shouting 'We want justice, NDA talaq, talaq, talaq'

  • 11:19 (IST)

    Lok Sabha adjourned till 12 pm; Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2.30 pm

    After the obituary references were read out, Opposition parties' MPs created a ruckus over the no-confidence motion against the NDA government. Speaker Sumitra Mahajan adjourned the House till 12 pm. 

    In the Rajya Sabha, Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu adjourned proceedings till 2.30 pm.

  • 11:11 (IST)

    Speaker Sumitra Mahajan reads out obituary reference to British physicist Stephen Hawking

    "Professor Stephen Hawking was an inspiration. We express our deepest condolences to the family," said Speaker Sumitra Mahajan in the Lok Sabha on Friday, while listing out his achievements.  

  • 11:09 (IST)

    CPM to back no-confidence motion against NDA government

    Supporting the no-confidence motion against the NDA government, CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury tweeted: "Its (BJP's) betrayal of the promise of special status for Andhra Pradesh is inexcuseable. Its all-round failure and evasion of parliamentary accountability needs to be highlighted."

  • 11:06 (IST)

    Obituary references being read out in Lok Sabha

  • 11:06 (IST)

    Winners of the Bihar, Uttar Pradesh bypolls take oath in Lok Sabha

    Sarfaraz Alam (Araria, Bihar), Nagendra Pratap Singh Patel (Phulpur, Uttar Pradesh), Pravin Kumar Nishad (Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh), who won the recent bypolls held in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, took their oath as Lok Sabha MPs on Friday. 

  • 10:50 (IST)

    TMC, BJD to also support TDP's no-confidence motion in Lok Sabha

  • 10:48 (IST)

    'Before actual elections, there is always rehearsal in Parliament'

    Speaking to ANI, BJP MP Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi commented on the TDP-NDA break up saying that every year before actual elections, there is always a rehearsal in Parliament. "We will see what happens in Parliament, which party chooses to go which way. In a way it is election year, and every state has demands and issues. It is not right for us to comment on it. It is a custom, before actual elections there is always a rehearsal in Parliament," he said. 

  • 10:42 (IST)

    Letter of TDP MP Thotha Narasimhan giving notice to move no-confidence motion

  • 10:37 (IST)

    Congress to support TDP and YSRCP's no-confidence motion in Parliament

  • 10:36 (IST)

    TDP's exit is timely opportunity for BJP to grow in Andhra Pradesh: BJP 

    "TDP's decision to quit was inevitable after its mischievous propaganda against Centre. People of Andhra Pradesh have now realised that TDP is resorting to lies to cover up its inert governance. TDP's exit is a timely opportunity for the BJP to grow in Andhra Pradesh," BJP national spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao tweeted.

  • 10:28 (IST)

    Andhra Pradesh CMO issues statement on pulling out of NDA

    "TDP withdrew support from the NDA, which did injustice to Andhra Pradesh. TDP president Chandrababu Naidu took this decision in an emergency teleconference with party politburo members and MPs, which was unanimously supported. TDP to also introduce no-confidence motion against NDA government," ANI quoted the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister's Office as saying. 

  • 10:26 (IST)

    'BJP is Break Janata Promise': TDP

    TDP leaders said the BJP stood for "Break Janata Promise". 

  • 10:20 (IST)

    AIADMK to support no-confidence motion if Centre doesn't form Cauvery Management Board

  • 10:18 (IST)

    TDP to move no confidence motion in Parliament today

    After announcing the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) pulls out of the NDA, party MP Thota Narasimhan told ANI that the TDP will be moving a no-confidence motion on Friday. "We have decided... we are out of the NDA," he added. 

  • 10:15 (IST)

    Meanwhile, TDP breaks alliance with NDA

    The Telugu Desam Party (TDP) has become the first BJP ally to break away from the National Democratic Alliance (NDA). Follow LIVE updates on the same here. 

  • 10:13 (IST)

    No-confidence motion letter YSRCP MP YV Subba Reddy to Lok Sabha

    YSR Congress Party MP YV Subba Reddy submitted a notice to the Lok Sabha Secretary-General Snehalata Shrivastava for moving a motion on 'No-Confidence in the Council of Ministers' in the house.

  • 10:05 (IST)

    YSR Congress give notice in Lok Sabha for no-confidence motion against Modi govt

    The YSR Congress on Thursday gave a notice for moving a no-confidence motion against the BJP-led NDA government following the Centre's refusal to grant special category status to Andhra Pradesh and found unlikely support from its arch-rival Telugu Desam Party (TDP). 

    The YSR Congress's MP YV Subba Reddy gave the notice to the Lok Sabha secretariat for including the motion in Friday's list of business, his office said.

    The motion can be accepted only if it has the support of at least 50 members in the House. YSR Congress has nine MPs in the Lok Sabha.

    If accepted, it will be the first no-confidence motion moved against the Modi-government.

  • 09:58 (IST)

    Updates for 16 March, 2018 begin here

  • 14:05 (IST)

    Rajya Sabha adjourned till 3 pm

    The Rajya Sabha was earlier adjourned till 2 pm on Thursday amid sharp exchanges between former Union minister from the TDP, YS Chowdary, and the Congress members over the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh in 2014 under the UPA government.

  • 12:28 (IST)

    After passing a string of amendments, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan adjourns Lok Sabha for the day

  • 12:18 (IST)

    Meanwhile, Speaker Sumitra Mahajan continues with business for the day

    Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan passed a string of amendments. 

  • 12:10 (IST)

    'We want justice' slogans heard in background in Lok Sabha

  • 12:04 (IST)

    Lok Sabha resumes session

    Opposition MPs continued to storm the Well of the House even as Speaker Sumitra Mahajan resumed the session. 

  • 11:55 (IST)

    YSR Congress Party MP Vijaya Sai Reddy protests on first floor of Parliament for special status for Andhra Pradesh

  • 11:45 (IST)

    Parliamentary proceedings should not be hindered in any situation, says Rajnath Singh

  • 11:16 (IST)

    Rajya Sabha adjourned till 2 pm

    Rajya Sabha Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu was forced to adjourn the House due to loud protests over former Union minister and TDP MP YS Chowdary's remarks on why he resigned from the Council of Ministers of the Narendra Modi-led NDA government.

  • 11:14 (IST)

    Andhra Pradesh bifurcation was done unjustly, unscientifically: TDP MP YS Chowdary

    Speaking in the Rajya Sabha, former Union MoS for Science and Technology YS Chowdary said that the Andhra Pradesh bifurcation was done unjustly and unscientifically. "The division could have been done after taking care of employment potential, development in both states. Both states must have been developed equally for 10 years by the government in power at the time," he said. Following his opening remarks, other members of the House began to clamour and protest, creating a din. 

  • 11:09 (IST)

    Former Union minister and TDP MP YS Chowdary speaks on why he resigned from the BJP-led Centre in Rajya Sabha

  • 11:08 (IST)

    Lok Sabha adjourned till 12 pm

    Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan was forced to adjourn the Lower House till 12 pm on Thursday within less than 10 minutes of the session's beginning. 

  • 11:07 (IST)

    'Government willing to talk about Andhra special package': Ananth Kumar, Parliamentary Affairs minister

    Even as Opposition party members stormed the Well in the Lok Sabha, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar said the Centre is willing to discuss the Cauvery issue and special package to Andhra Pradesh but it cannot be done so with protests in the Well. 

  • 11:05 (IST)

    Lok Sabha begins session among din and protests

    Lok Sabha MPs could be heard protesting in the background even as Speaker Sumitra Mahajan tries to conduct the Thursday's session. Congress and other Opposition party members stormed the Well. Ministers speaking can hardly be heard over the din. 

  • 11:03 (IST)

    Rajya Sabha is in session now; Chair begins with obituary to ex-MP Hamida Habibullah

    The Rajya Sabha began Thursday's session with an obituary of former MP Hamida Habibullah. The members observed a minute of silence for the same. 

  • 10:55 (IST)

    RECAP: Ruckus in Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, as lower house clears Finance Bill 2018 without discussion

    The Lok Sabha on Wednesday passed the crucial Finance Bill 2018 and a Rs 89.25 lakh crore spending plan for the next fiscal year without discussion amid ruckus, which led to the adjournment of both the Houses of Parliament for the eighth day.

    The Finance Bill as well as the Appropriation Bill were passed in a matter of 25 minutes during which Opposition parties and ruling NDA ally TDP shouted slogans and created a din. The Lower House was adjourned for the day immediately thereafter.

    The Opposition parties protested against the passage of the budget without debate, as the session is slated to continue till 6 April.

  • 10:48 (IST)

    AIADMK MPs stage protests in Parliament complex over Cauvery Management Board formation

Latest update: Many men and women MPs spoke on empowerment of women in the Rajya Sabha. Derek O'Brien, while speaking on the issue, also took a dig at the Modi government over the PNB scam. International Women's Day was recognised in both Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha. Sumitra Mahajan said women empowerment was one of the challenges in the world today.

The proceedings in both Houses of Parliament were washed out for the third straight day on Wednesday, as Opposition parties as well as NDA allies Shiv Sena, TDP and AIADMK stalled business vociferously protesting on issues like vandalisation of statues and the banking fraud.

While the Lok Sabha was adjourned for the day just after noon, the Rajya Sabha witnessed similar scenes and was first adjourned till 2 pm and then for the day.

The Upper House also saw Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu expressing concern over the vandalisation of statues in different parts of the country and saying, "the statues were vandalised...It's a shame. It's mad, mad, mad...Whoever does it, whether it is in Tamil Nadu, whether it is West Bengal or Tripura."

When the Lok Sabha met for the day, members of various parties, including TDP, Shiv Sena, TRS, YSR Congress, AIADMK and Trinamool Congress started raising slogans on different issues, forcing Speaker Sumitra Mahajan, who had taken up the Question Hour, to adjourn the proceedings for an hour within minutes.

File image of Parliament. PTI

File image of Parliament. PTI

She was visibly upset when she left the House even as the din continued. Amid the ruckus, a Lok Sabha official had to repeat loudly that the House has been adjourned till noon.

While Congress members were pressing for a reply from the prime minister on the Rs 13,000 crore bank fraud allegedly involving diamantaire Nirav Modi, members of AIADMK and AAP were in the Well, holding photos of Periyar, and raising slogans condemning the vandalism in Vellore in which the statue of Dravidian icon Thanthai Periyar was defaced.

The TRS members were raising slogans demanding a hike in Telangana's quota in reservation, while TDP pressed for grant of special status for Andhra Pradesh and the Shiv Sena sought classical language status for Marathi.

The AIADMK, which has been protesting for the past two days seeking creation of Cauvery water management board, on Wednesday also protested against vandalisation of statues, while the YSR Congress demanded implementation of the AP Reorganisation Act.

When the House reassembled at noon, the protesting members were already in the Well.

Mahajan then asked Shiv Sena member Anandrao Adsul to speak on his demand.

Adsul said Marathi was an ancient language and fulfilled all the criteria for grant of the classical language status and added that Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Odia have already been given the classical language status.

"Several of our members have raised this issue repeatedly. We have given our submission to the minister but our demand has not been fulfilled till date," Adsul said.

In response, Home Minister Rajnath Singh, who was present in the House, assured Adsul that the matter would be looked into.

"The issue does not pertain to the Home Ministry. I will speak to the Culture Ministry on this," Singh said.

Thereafter, even as Shiv Sena stopped their protest on the issue, AIADMK members continued to raise slogans against the desecration of the statue of Periyar — the founder of Dravidian movement.

"We strongly condemn vandalisation of statute of Thanthai Periyar by BJP members," read the placards held by AIADMK members.

After the Home Minister's reply, as the uproarious scenes continued, the House was adjourned for the day.

In the Rajya Sabha, the same issues were raised by the opposition parties, which led to the first adjournment till 2 pm soon after 11 am when it met for the day. The Chair called it a day as similar scenes were witnessed at 2 pm.

In the morning, the House also paid tributes to former Rajya Sabha member Jinendra Kumar Jain, who passed away earlier this month.

But as soon as the listed papers were laid during the Zero Hour and the Chairman expressed concern over vandalisation of statues in different parts of the country, MPs from the Congress, TMC, Left parties, NDA ally TDP and AIADMK among others rushed into the Well shouting slogans.

Congress and Left party members were on their feet protesting the incidents of destroying statues of Periyar in Tripura and Vladimir Illyich Lenin in Tripura.

To this, Naidu said "statues were vandalised in different parts of the country. It is a shame. It's mad, whoever does it, whether it is in Tamil Nadu, whether it is West Bengal or whether it is in Tripura."

He also told the agitating members that the government has agreed and he has given permission to hold debate on all issues being raised by them, including the bank fraud, Cauvery river water issue and matters concerning Andhra Pradesh.

"We are ready to discuss all issues," Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs Vijay Goel said in an attempt to restore order.

Disappointed with the members protesting in the Well and raising slogans, the chairman said such acts were "bad" and "against democracy". However, as the noisy protests continued unabated, Naidu adjourned the House till 2 pm.

When the House reassembled, similar protests continued.

Deputy Chairman PJ Kurien again told the agitating members that the government has agreed to discuss the issues they were raising.

He urged the protestors to return to their seats and restore order. However, as his appeals went unheeded, Kurien adjourned the House for the day, shortly after it had recommenced.

Published Date: Mar 08, 2018 14:05 PM | Updated Date: Mar 16, 2018 14:52 PM

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