Bihar BJP in more trouble as rebel MLAs threaten to quit and join JD(U)

Already reeling from the JD(U) decision to dissolve its coalition with them, the BJP Bihar unit look as though they are in further trouble.

Reports are coming in that several BJP MLAs who are unhappy with state party leader and former deputy chief minister Sushil Kumar Modi are likely to quit the party and have been in back channel talks with the JD(U). The number of rebel MLAs is not known, with some reports saying that three MLAs are likely to quit while others put the number at seven.

BJP MLA Amarnath Gami was the first to speak out against Sushil Kumar Modi calling him 'power hungry' while several others are supposedly supporting him.

"Sushil Modi has hijacked the party. He does not want party cadres to progress and suppresses them", he said in comments to CNN-IBN.



Gami has been suspended for 'anti-party' activities.

Meanwhile hurried efforts are on within the BJP to pacify the rebels and prevent an exodus of MLAs. "We will try and sort the issue with discussion. BJP has suspended the MLA’s. The people who are angry should try and resolve the issue", said CP Thakur, a state party official to the media.

"The solution has to come from both sides, BJP party and the MLAs who want to quit. We are not sure why these MLAs are angry. We need to talk and discuss the issue", he said.

However, he admitted that the MLAs should have been warned instead of being suspended.

The speculation from Bihar is that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has influenced the cadres into quitting the party. Devesh Thakur from the JD(U) said that the BJP had to look into their own affairs and added that the JD(U) had nothing to do with the defections. "We don't go around asking people to join us, they want to come to us when the MLAs are unhappy and they want to come out. And when they want to come out it's only natural that we will take them", he said to Times Now.

CNN-IBN reported that the defections could happen in the next ten days.