The bowled and the angry Sachin Tendulkar

Sep 3, 2012   (5 images)

In his last 24 innings that Sachin Tendulkar has played since the England tour, Sachin has been dismissed LBW or bowled 12 times. This was also the first time he has been bowled twice in a Test match at home. Not only that, but all of New Zealand's pacers— Doug Bracewell, Tim Southee and Trent Boult have found gaps in his faltering defence. And if you thought that it's not playing on his mind, then his latest reaction gave away the fact that Sachin can also lose his cool.


A rare sight: Sachin, usually very composed loses his cool after getting bowled for the third time this series. Questions have already been raised over his form. AP



Cricket pundits have spoken about the gap he leaves in his defence, which allows the ball to nip in between bat and pad and onto the stumps. Reuters

Even in the first innings, Sachin lost his wicket in almost similar fashion... this time it was Doug Bracewell who was the wicket-taker. Sunil Gavaskar pointed out that Sachin's footwork seemed a tad slow. AP


The Hyderabad match also saw him lose his wicket— this time to Trent Boult— in the same way. Not only is this manner of getting dismissed a concern for his fans, but will certainly play on the great batsman's mind too. Reuters


Even on tour in Australia, Sachin was bowled by the opponents. Did the cracks start to show then? Reuters