Japan beat Spain 1-0 in Olympic football

Jul 27, 2012

Yuki Otsu scored in the first half of Japan's shocking 1-0 win over 10-man Spain in men's Olympic football Thursday, a victory that threatened the Spaniards' chances of winning a gold medal.

Otsu broke away from his marker during a corner in the 34th minute and the ball landed at his feet for a simple tap-in past goalkeeper David de Gea.

Spain's under-23 team wants to win Olympic gold to add to the World Cup and European Championship titles held by the country's full national team.

But Japan forward Kensuke Nagai caused major problems for Spain, slipping behind defenders with quick runs.

Spain center back Inigo Martinez was sent off for a foul while trying to stop Nagai from scoring. After that, Japan controlled the tempo and could have scored at least five more.

Source : IBNLive

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