Mumbai stock broker arrested in connection with murder case

by Apr 23, 2012

A Mumbai stock broker, Gautam Vora has been arrested in connection with the murder of actor Anuj Tikku's father in Mumbai earlier this year. Vora reportedly helped key suspect Vijay Palande escape from police custody.


Screengrab from CNN IBN

The Times of India reported that earlier Police sources said Palande fled while being ferried in a police vehicle to the Crime Branch's office in Andheri (East). He then took a local train to Churchgate. From there, he allegedly called Vora to help him.

Palande was re-arrested four hours later. During the course of interrogations, he told police that Vora arrived in his car and took him to a hotel in Colaba where Palande had a shower and changed into clothes Vora had brought along.

"The two were together in a hotel in Colaba for a few hours before he was re-arrested near Churchgate. We will summon Vora this week to question him," said ACP Deven Bharti.

Vora has already been questioned by the Amboli police in connection with the mysterious disappearance of Delhi-based consultant Karan Kakkar, a case in which Palande was also arrested.

He was also questioned in connection with the suicide of model Viveka Babajee in 2010.

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