Partner post: Watch this Friendship Day video on the variety of pals in our lives

The first Sunday of August is Friendship Day.

It's when your phone buzzes incessantly throughout the day. Your Facebook timeline will be taken over by people posting about their friends. #FriendshipDay has already become the top trend on social media. By the time the day is done, your wrists have little room left for friendship bands.

This day also reminds us of how we have changed for our friends and vice-versa. Some of us have become 'that workaholic friend' from being 'that jobless friend'; a few of us forgot wishing some of our closest friends on their birthdays, and a few of us do not know that the best friend from college does not use the same number anymore.

Old or new, broke or loaded, geek or freak, we need them all in our lives.

So, while you go and meet them today and celebrate having each other's back, watch this video that talks about the kind of friends we all have!

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Published Date: Aug 07, 2016 14:23 PM | Updated Date: Aug 09, 2016 14:08 PM