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Watch: Priya Dutt talks politics, ambition and lineage in the latest episode of First Lady

She belongs to one of Bollywood's leading families, but it is in the realm of politics that Priya Dutt Roncon has made her mark.

In the latest episode of First LadyFirstpost's exclusive show where host Meghna Pant puts the spotlight on women achievers — Dutt talks about politics.

Right from her admission that there's "no life beyond politics" to the perception that "all politicians are chors" and even "I didn't know anything about politics before my father passed away" — there are plenty of forthright statements from Dutt that make for a compelling watch.

But don't take our word for it!

Watch Priya Dutt in conversation with Meghna Pant, right here.

The part that we found most inspiring? When Dutt talks about how women can fulfill their ambitions even without getting into the "muck" that can be part and parcel of the journey to the top of any field. Or when she talks about how women may be admired for their "softness" but they're more than capable of taking tough decisions when the situation demands it.

Published Date: Mar 27, 2017 17:14 PM | Updated Date: May 26, 2017 12:59 PM

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