Watch: Praising Barack Obama the Carnatic way!

Carnatic music has always been spell binding. The obsessive fan will go into every minute technical detail while the generalist will tell you that she just enjoys it. And versatility, is perhaps one of its chief attractions.

And in a new video on YouTube, where a Carnatic musician sings  for United States President Barack Obama will leave you... well, you can decide that for yourself.

The video shows a musician praising Obama in Carnatic style at a wedding ceremony, while in the background there are hoots and laughter. Of course there's reason enough for that.

Screen grab from YouTube

Watch the video and sing along:

Barack, Barack, Barack Obama
Patiently he says, "healthcare for you always"

Iraq war, it is over now
Bin Laden has fallen, Michelle plants her garden

Harvard educated man must now face Romney
Hard-working and Mormon, has lots of money
But don't call into question nationality
Thank goodness Obama's born in Hawaii

Published Date: Aug 01, 2012 17:20 PM | Updated Date: Aug 01, 2012 17:20 PM

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