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Viral Video: Why we can't stop loving Jackie Chan

With Jackie Chan, willing suspension of disbelief comes rather easily to a generation that has grown up worshipping the likes of Shanghai Noon or the Rush Hour franchise.

Somehow, he doesn’t even evoke the sense of incredulity that Rajnikanth does. It’s as if breaking bricks, bones and noses is what comes to him more easily than breathing.

Jackie Chan never ceases to shock or surprise.

So when you stumble upon a video where the protagonists are breaking cement slabs with great integrity, not to mention effort, you can almost hear him laugh silently. This is not even vaguely surprising you think.

Pretty blonde girl in carefully put together ‘sporty gear’ bets she can break cement slabs with a closed fist, in which she is holding an egg. Only, she ends up blushing and a really messy eggy palm.

Watch video here:

Chan, at first amused, walks and sans the deep breathing and kung-fu yelling, breaks three consecutive piles of cement slabs, the egg clutched safely in his fist. At last, he tosses it jubilantly at the anchor and you’re left open mouthed for quite a bit. But with this man, surprise is something you stay prepared for.

Published Date: Jun 29, 2012 18:54 PM | Updated Date: Jun 29, 2012 18:54 PM