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Van Gogh's secret ingredient: A grasshopper who 'loves Vincent' a bit too much

Days after the paintings of  Vincent Van Gogh were brought to life on the big screen through the world's first fully painted feature film, a small grasshopper has been found loving Vincent in the celebrated artist's painting at a Kansas City museum.

Representational image

Representational image

The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art said in a news release that the insect was stuck in the thick paint in the lower foreground of the famed artist's Olive Trees. Clearly, the grasshopper found the familiar greens as just the right place to chill on the unfortunate night. Little did it know that it will get preserved for eternity... almost.

Paintings Conservator Mary Schafer made the grasshopper discovery while examining the painting under magnification. The bug is not visible through casual observation. No wonder there. Had it been prone to the naked eye, one of the wine sipping, air kissing socialites would have shrieked at the sight of two compound eyes staring at them.

Van Gogh was known for painting outdoors and mused in an 1885 letter to his brother that "I must have picked up a good hundred flies and more off the 4 canvases that you'll be getting. The murmur of an olive grove has something very intimate, immensely old about it," he had written to his brother.

This writer is sure that the grasshopper would have announced its arrival but it must have fallen on Vincent's deaf ears. Or ear as he only had one. Wait, did the grasshopper know that?

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Published Date: Nov 09, 2017 15:39 PM | Updated Date: Nov 09, 2017 15:40 PM

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