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PSY shows Brittany Spears how to dance Gangnam style

It can only happen on the Ellen show.

PSY demonstrates the foot movements of his Gangnam style video

While chatting to erstwhile pop princess Brittany Spears on her show, Ellen de Generes suddenly brought up the fact that Spears had tweeted that she wished she could dance like South Korean pop star PSY, whose song Gangnam style has gone viral on the web.

After showing the appreciative audience clips of the video, Ellen then brought PSY on to the set to show Brittany Spears his epic 'horse riding' dance move that has been such a huge contributing factor to the song's virality.

The best moment of the video? When PSY steps in to tell Ellen that Brittany does not have to take off her high heeled shoes, because the song is all about 'dressing classy and dancing cheesy'. Also don't miss his rocking entrance!

Watch it below:

And for those of you who have somehow missed the entire Gangnam phenomenon, here's a little background about the song:

The video has PSY gyrating to his trademark style amidst horses, bomb blasts, PYTs, in a gym, on a carousel, in a lift among many other places. The move showcases PSY’s imaginary rodeo skills in riding an imaginary horse.

The video has also spawned several Youtube parodies most notably Hongdae Style (3.7mn views), Condom Style, Chicago Style ( 2.1 mn views) & Byuntae Style(7.6mn views) to name a few. There have been multiple flashmobs when shoppers of an entire mall in Singapore started dancing Gangnam Style.

"Gangnam Style" is a Korean colloquialism that refers to a luxurious lifestyle associated with the Gangnam district, an affluent and trendy area of Seoul. Gangnam style is widely associated with the 'posh' lifestyle in Seoul, South Korea's district where people are trendy, hippy and exude a certain amount of "swag".

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Published Date: Sep 12, 2012 18:37 PM | Updated Date: Sep 12, 2012 18:38 PM