Moto redefines freedom this Independence Day!

India celebrates 70 years of freedom and this marks off a new form of freedom for the youth of the nation, ‘the freedom to express’. The smartphone has played a vital role in this movement and every Indian is being empowered with the use of a smart phone. Everyone has found a new way to express themselves and raise their voice for what they believe in, at their fingertips with the help of a smart phone. Motorola has come up with an ingenious video that promotes the freedom to express, check it out on your mobile device to indulge in the Smartphone experience.

Fortunately for us, we have the pioneers of mobile technology, Moto, to help us in our freedom of expression. After 70 years, Independence today means the freedom to express and Moto encourages and empowers that freedom of expression. The video captures the essence of today’s youth who are ever ready to express themselves and help make this world a better place. With every passing hour, we love to express our freedom through the use of our mobiles. Not only do we find it easy to communicate while on the go, but we also get alerted in a jiffy and avert many dangerous scenarios with the help of our mobile phones. From consuming real time news updates and social media alerts to sharing pictures to support social causes, there’s nothing stopping us from doing what we want, as long as we have our phone in our pockets. From voicing our opinion to saving an injured animal, Moto encourages freedom of expression. Even when in trouble in a foreign country, a tweet is all it takes to get a response and free ourselves from the gravest dangers.

The 21st century Indian has redefined freedom as the freedom of expression, freedom to help and the freedom to communicate while on the go. Let Moto empower you with the freedom to express this Independence Day!

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Published Date: Aug 16, 2016 18:17 PM | Updated Date: Aug 16, 2016 18:17 PM

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