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How Rajasthan battles the nuisance of public urination

This is a country where 17-year-old Binno had to die because she and her mother protested to a man urinating in public, right in front of their home in Delhi. The man, who was also under the influence alcohol, shot Binno after an argument ensued between the man and her mother.

It doesn't get more shocking than this and your faith in the country's law and order goes for a toss when you realise that the accused, Javed, is absconding.


However, all is not lost. At least, that's how you feel when you come across a report on a small Rajasthan village where villagers have taken to beating drums and shaming someone if he is found urinating in public.

In a novel attempt by citizens of Rajasthan, small groups in 34 villages have armed themselves with drums and whistles and put up a vigil on the roads to shame people found urinating and defecating in public, Huffingtonpost reports.

Though not a rage with the rest of the country yet, this might be one model of social vigilance that would be good to follow!

Published Date: Nov 27, 2012 22:30 PM | Updated Date: Nov 27, 2012 22:30 PM

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