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101 Oddly in India: Doctor behind 'Cowpathy' brand makes skincare products from cow dung, urine

A section of beauty product aficionados have long laid stock in using all-natural products. But the fad for all-natural products also means bigger price tags.

Image via Youtube.

Image via Youtube.

For instance, there are internationally renowned brands like Lush, for all-natural products, that can cost you anywhere in the vicinity of a few thousands. Then there are brands like Kama Ayurveda and Forest Essentials, which use Ayurvedic formulations in their productions. More recently, of course, there has been the Patanjali range.

But you could also go in for a new 'all-natural' brand called 'Cowpathy'. The brainchild of Dr Umesh Soni, 'Cowpathy' has a range of skincare products made of cow dung and urine.

In this video shot by 101 India, we see Dr Soni telling the unconvinced host, Doctor VC, "The level of goodness in every cow is different. Desi cows are the best. The level of goodness in them is the most [sic]."

Other than cow dung and urine, Cowpathy products have one very important ingredient — 'faith'. Soni says, "The products work, of course it's like medicine. Even if you take it with or without faith, the medicine will work. But to approach this product, faith is required."

Soni also made his views clear on people who eat beef. When Doctor VC asks him if he has a problem with people who eat beef, some of whom might be using his products, he says, "The regular use of this product will purify them until they come to the conclusion that they don't want to eat beef anymore."

Other than a skincare range, the Cowpathy company wants to work on a range of superfoods — all containing cow urine. So you can look forward to biscuits containing cow urine too.

Here's what Cowpathy has to offer.

Published Date: Jul 05, 2017 16:02 PM | Updated Date: Jul 05, 2017 16:15 PM

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