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#AintNoCinderella: Women respond to BJP leader's sexist remark on Chandigarh stalking case

Women in India are now using a social media hashtag to give a befitting reply to a BJP leader's sexist remark that women should not loiter on the streets after midnight.

In the recent past, women have been constantly subjected to mockery and victim-shaming. The Chandigarh stalking incident highlighted the same regressive and misogynistic mindset that prevails in our country's politicians who fail to find faults in their own characters.

The 4 August incident grabbed headlines when the accused Vikas Barala, son of Haryana BJP chief Subhash Barala, was out on bail despite the victim's claim that he and his friend had attempted to kidnap her. Moreover, Haryana BJP's deputy president Ramveer Bhatti was quick to ask why the victim was out on the streets when it was past midnight. Despite being heavily criticised, Bhatti continued to hop from news channel to news channel justifying why women need to "come home on time".

Several women have since then joined the victim Varnika Kundu in her fight against the ridiculous remark, with #AintNoCinderella. Especially on Twitter, women are posting self-portraits of themselves being on the streets past midnight.

Turns out, women are sure they do not want to run home before midnight. Too bad for politicians, they don't care about what BJP thinks.

Published Date: Aug 09, 2017 13:53 PM | Updated Date: Aug 10, 2017 13:39 PM

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